About Us

Oceana Blue Productions

Oceana Blue Productions is a fashion and event production company specializing in event theme and concept design, staffing and production management.


Kerry Yu, Founder

Kerry Yu has over 20 years of fashion experience as an international model and fashion show producer.  She has produced fashion shows and events for many brand names including Ports International, Italian brand Liola, O’Pearl Brands, and has been involved in productions for Chinese top designers such as Guo Pei, Deng Hao and Xie Hai Ping.
Kerry is the Vice President of Fashion Galaxy Alliance (FGA) International, a New York based international non-profit that organizes fashion events and brings Chinese designers and delegators to New York Fashion Week every year.  She is also the director of International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) in Portland.  In this position, she preps models and other talent for yearly competitions in L.A. and New York.  Kerry Yu serves as a judge for International Model Competitions and is also the creative director for LO Neighborhood Magazine in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Blair Woodfield, President

Mr. Woodfield is President of Oceana Blue Productions LLC – A fashion event production company established in the US.

  • Over 30 years of diversified business ownership and management experience gained  in the United States in the fields of retail, hospitality, real estate development and investment,  business consulting, brand development, marketing and merchandising.

Clients include Starbucks, Staples, Bi-Mart, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Postal Annex, Domino’s Pizza, Hollywood Video, Burger King, Albertsons, Subway, Radio Shack, State Farm Insurance, Video Giant, Blockbuster, UPS stores, Wells Fargo bank, Hamley  Western Store, Hamley Steak House.           

Liya Deng

Liya Deng, VP of Marketing

Liya Deng is the Vice President of Marketing in Oceana Blue Productions LLC.

Liya has more than ten years of direct client interfacing experience for luxury brands in marketing and sourcing. She has been involved in building the products’ launching strategy for top luxury brands in China. Her job supports the execution of national brand product/promo/partnership programming, as well as key marketing campaigns for clients. Her past professional experience demonstrates her in-depth knowledge of fast fashion industry and client’s business.

She has also been serving as the Dean of MCA Education Department since 2004. MCA Education Department is a non-profit organization which provides Chinese language study program to bilingual students.